What You Need to Know about Popcorn Lung Lawsuit

What You Need to Know about Popcorn Lung Lawsuit

March 12, 2023 0 By Maria

Bronchiolitis Obliterans, commonly known as Popcorn Lung is one of the lung diseases caused by exposure to Diacetyl or other harmful chemicals. Also, this deadly lung illness can be caused by respiratory infections like pneumonia or bronchitis. The main cause of this lung disease is inhalation of Diacetyl which is mainly found on many flavored e-cigarettes, Juul, vaping products and other flavored products like butter, popcorn and more.

You can get compensation for getting Popcorn Lung disease as a result of exposure to Diacetyl or other harmful chemicals. It is not that easy, but with the following tips, you can easily get what you deserve. Here is all you need to know about Popcorn Lung lawsuit.

Treatment Should Come First

Here, word of mouth will into have any say. Your injuries – popcorn lung must be well documented. You must have medical records that show you have this disease. Also, for your own good, treatment will help you manage the disease.  After getting well, then you can focus on seeking compensation from the responsible company or companies.

Proofing You Were Exposed to Diacetyl or Any Other Chemical is a Must

If you use vaping products, e-cigarette, or Juul you are at high risk Diacetyl exposure. You must have used any of these products for some time. Additionally, if you worked in a microwave popcorn factory, you must have employment documents. More to that, analysis of the product you used by a certified laboratory can be of great help to show that the company provided products with harmful chemicals and they did to provide any warning.

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Accept a Settlement or Go to Trial?

Companies responsible for exposure to the harmful chemicals that cause this lung disease, will offer a settlement so that the case doesn’t go to trial. The settlement in many times will not be fair. But you can negotiate to see if they can offer a better settlement. If they don’t offer a fair settlement, going to trail is the best option, but expensive and lengthy. When you go to trial, you will definitely get what you deserve if you win the case.

How Much Compensation Can You Get?

The responsible party can offer any amount to help end the case. However, in many cases the amount is too small compared to what you can get when you go to trial. For instance, the responsible company can offer you $50,000, but when you go to trial and win the case, you get paid over $3.5 million. The amount you get will depend on your medical bills, expenses involved, pain and suffering caused, lost income, and most importantly, the lawyer you have on your side.

Do You Need an Attorney?

Definitely, yes! The offending party will hire experienced lawyers to ensure you don’t get paid, even some money to take care of your medical bill. Therefore, you need an experienced attorney to face these heavily paid attorneys representing the responsible parties. Your lawyer will investigate, help you get the best treatment for the disease, put together documents that will help you win the case and represent you in court.

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At The Law Center, you can connect with the leading law firms such as Turnbull Law Firm, where you can get best personal injury attorneys to help you with your lawsuit. With a good lawyer, rest assured you will get a fair settlement for Popcorn Lung disease.