The 5 Secrets to Getting a Fair Settlement for Popcorn Lung Disease

The 5 Secrets to Getting a Fair Settlement for Popcorn Lung Disease

March 19, 2023 0 By Maria

Popcorn Lung is a deadly lung disease, but it’s rare. The disease is also known as Bronchiolitis Obliterans, and damages the lungs causing scarring and inflammation of the bronchioles. As a result, persons affected by the disease will experience shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, dry cough and unexplained fatigue. The illness has no cure, but you can get treatment to manage the symptoms. This illness is mainly caused by inhaling diacetyl, a flavor in vaping products, e-cigarettes and Juul. Also, if you work in microwave popcorn factories, you can get exposed to this chemical. Here are the 5 secrets to help you get a fair settlement for this respiratory illness.

1.  Have Doctors’ Reports and Medical Records

If you want to get compensation for this lung disease, you need to have medical reports to support your claim. First, you need to undergo some tests such as surgical lung biopsy, X-ray or pulmonary function tests. If the tests confirm you have the illness, you will have documents to support your injury claim. In addition to that, you will get treatment to ease the symptoms and slow the disease progression.

2.  Have Other Documents to Support Your Claim

After confirming you have the illness and getting treatment, the next big thing is to have all documents needed to support your compensation case. You will need documents to show your expenses such as medical bills, receipts for items bought, pay slips to show lost wages and more. This is important to determine how much you are eligible for. Other documents you may need are analysis of product used from a certified lab, product description and other information to back up your case.

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3.  Don’t Accept the First Offer Just Like That!

The responsible company will try to offer you a settlement to avoid going to trial. The offer will be too low, and if you reject it, they can offer you a better deal. Therefore, you should first consider all the expenses, lost income, pain and suffering caused by the illness before accepting any offer. If the offer is fair, you can accept it. However, if the offer isn’t that fair, let the case go to trial.

4.  Don’t Share Information about Your Case with Third Parties or on Social Media

The other party will not rest until they find weakness on your side. They can even send their lawyer to ask you questions or even other people. Therefore, don’t discuss details of your case with third parties except your lawyer or trusted close relatives/friends. Also, don’t share details of your case on social media, the details can be used against you by the other party.

5.  Be Smart, Hire an Attorney

It’s not easy to get compensation for Popcorn Lung disease. Therefore, you need a good attorney well versed in Juul or Popcorn Lung lawsuit. The lawyer will investigate and get supporting documents needed to win the case. At Turnbull Law Firm, one of The Law Center partners, you can get the best personal injury attorneys. The attorney will help you get paid what you deserve by the company exposed you to Diacetyl or any other harmful chemical that caused you the respiratory illness.

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