What to Know About When Does W2 Come Out

Does W2 Come Out

With any business, one of the biggest concerns is taxes. When does W2 come out and how can you find this information? There are many factors to consider when determining your tax liability for a year. The bigger you get with your business, and the more employees you have, keeping … Read more

Know Your Rights: Understanding the Earned Income Tax Credit

Earned Income Tax Credit

While it was originally created with the intention of reducing poverty, today’s EITC has a better chance of leading to continued poverty. The Internal Revenue Service reports that in 2015, almost 3 million taxpayers qualified for EITC benefits. However, there are some key things to remember when you file your … Read more

Where and How to Get Your W2 Online?

How to Get Your W2 Online

The online business industry continues to boom, and so do the opportunities to find part-time or full-time remote work. This is a guide on where you can get your W2 jobs. If you’ve read both of these headlines then the potential client has had the entire game plan laid out … Read more

What Is the Standard Deduction and How Does It Work?

Standard Deduction

Do you know what the standard deduction is? If not, your tax bill might be higher than it needs to be. The standard deduction is a tax break that allows taxpayers to take one less deduction for every dollar of income. In the Tax Code, deductions are another way to … Read more

What is Your Capital Gains Tax on Home Sale?

Capital Gains Tax on Home Sale

Every American faces the possibility of a capital gains tax when they decide to sell their home. Every year you own your home, its value goes up, providing you with taxable profit (the “gain”). This article will discuss capital gains taxes as it relates to selling your home. What is … Read more

How to Get a Copy of Your W2 Online and Fast

Copy of Your W2 Online

Whether you are getting ready to file taxes or just curious about your past tax statements, getting copies of your W2 forms can be quite a chore. It requires you to fill out long and complicated forms along with having to visit the HR department and then wait weeks for … Read more