What to Claim After a Burn Accident?

What to Claim After a Burn Accident?

March 28, 2023 0 By Maria

Burn accidents are very common in most parts of the world. The accidents cause mild to severe burns that need specialized treatment to heal. Burns are categorized in three categories. First, there is 1st degree burns. These burns are mild and don’t even require medical treatment to heal. Secondly, there is 2nd degree burns that include skin reddening, blistering and pain. Lastly, there is 3rd degree burns. These burns are severe and require specialized treatments because they damage the skin and tissues.

What causes burn accidents

Many factors cause burn accidents. First, accidents at work due to employer’s negligence can cause serious fire which can lead to burns. Employer’s negligence can lead to gas leaks, flammable liquid exposure and electrical malfunction that can lead to burn accidents. In addition to that, truck and car accidents can cause serious burns. Besides that, you can get burned by hot foods and beverages.

When to file a burn compensation claim

You can file for a compensation after getting a burn that was not your fault. Mostly 2nd and 3rd degree burns require medical attention, and you can claim for compensation for the burns. If you can prove that you got a burn injury caused by another person’s mistake or negligence, and the injury has made you spend money for treatment and you have even missed work to heal, you can file for a burn injury compensation claim.

What to claim for?

If you are seriously burnt as a result of your employer or another person’s negligence, you deserve compensation. Therefore, you need to seek treatment as soon as possible, and with the medical records, you can claim what you spent for treatment. Also, you need to include cost of specialized equipment like wheelchair.

  • Lost income

If you need time to recover after a burn accident, you need to be compensated for all the days or months you will miss work. You will not be working, and your family needs to eat and drink. Also, you need to pay rent and take care of other bills. Therefore, you must claim for lost income to ensure your life moves on like before.

  • Loss of future earnings

If the burn left you disabled and you can’t work anymore, things will never be the same again. Life will be harder, and something need to be done. As a result of loss of working ability, you can claim for loss of future earnings to ensure you can to take care of your family’s financial needs in the future.

  • Cost of future specialized treatment and therapy

If you require more specialized treatment and therapy in the future to recover fully, you can have an estimated future medical expense for that in your claim. This guarantees you that even after the case is done, you will have money to take care of the specialized therapy and treatment, like face reconstruction surgery, recommended by your doctor.

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Final Words

To get compensation after a burn accident is a complicated process. However, with the help of a professional personal injury attorney, the process becomes super easy. At The Law Center Florida, you can get the best law firms to help you get what you deserve after a burn accident.