Child Care Tax Credit – What It Is, Eligibility, How to Claim It, and More

Taking care of a child or dependent with a disability comes with a cost. The cost can be very high depending on the number and the needs of the dependent or children you are taking care of. As you know some children or people with a disability have different needs; some need more attention and care than others. To help taxpayers taking care of children or dependent with a disability, the state and federal governments offer a child and dependent care tax credit. Here is all you need to know about this tax credit.

What is the essence of the child and dependent care tax relief?

The main essence of this tax relief is to help people using their money to pay for the care of a child or children or dependent individuals with a disability. In short, the credit is to cover the cost of child or dependent care. Thanks to the tax break, you can enjoy a reduced tax bill or even get a refund after filing your tax returns.

How much can you get back for childcare tax credit?

When filing your taxes, you will need to fill out the forms for any tax credits and deductions you might qualify for. This will help lower your total tax bill. The amount of the tax credit you can get depends on your salary and the number of children in your family. If it’s for a dependent child, the amount can also be affected by how much you spend on their care. But all in all, the amount you can get for the child care tax credit is a maximum of $3,000 for one qualifying child, and a maximum of $6,000 for multiple qualifying dependents.

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Are you eligible?

There are different conditions you must meet to be eligible for the childcare tax credit. First, you must have some form of income, like a salary from your work. Also, you must have paid for the care of the child or dependent, or lived with the dependent for at least half of the year. On the side of the dependent, if it’s a child, he or she must be aged 13 years or younger. If dealing with a disabled dependent, there is no age limit. Is there an income limit for the child care tax break? There is no income limit when claiming the childcare credit, but the higher income you have the lower the tax credit you get back.

How to claim the childcare tax credit?

Today, you can file your taxes online in just a few simple steps. Filing your taxes online is super easy, fast and most important, accurate. Use verified and trusted online tax preparation software or programs and you will not be disappointed. For Instance, H&R Block Online Tax Filing or TurboTax can help you calculate and claim the childcare tax credit.

Final Words

The child and dependent care tax credit is to help you cover the cost of child or dependent care. You can claim the tax credit when filing your taxes. If you meet all the conditions, you will pay a reduced tax bill or even get a tax refund from the IRS.

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