Can I get Compensation for a Disease Caused by Asbestos Exposure?

Can I get Compensation for a Disease Caused by Asbestos Exposure?

May 1, 2023 0 By Maria

Asbestos exposure causes a wide range of diseases such as Mesothelioma, lunch cancer, colon cancer among many others. The question is; can you get compensation for mesothelioma or any other illness caused by asbestos exposure? Yes, you can. However, the process of getting the settlement is not that easy if the company responsible is not willing to negotiate or offer a fair settlement. To help you get a fair settlement for asbestos related illness, here are tips for you.

First, seek treatment

The first step of the whole process starts by going to a licensed hospital or cancer center for treatment. The medical professionals should identify the cause of the illness. If the disease is caused by exposure to asbestos, you can claim compensation from the company exposing or exposed you to the dangerous chemical.

File an asbestos claim

After identifying that your illness is as a result of exposure to asbestos, you should now have your facts right and file an asbestos lawsuit. You will need documents to support your claim if you want to win the case easily. Consider statute of limitations that require you to file the claim within 2 years in Texas. Additionally, you can file a wrongful death claim if your relative died of a disease caused by exposure to asbestos.

Back up your claim with concrete evidence

In any case, you must have evidence to win the case. For that reason, first you must prove that you were working or lived near a company that exposed you to asbestos. You can prove this with employment records that show you worked at the company. Also, have medical reports that show your illness is as a result of asbestos exposure. Additionally, have medical bills, receipts and other documents that can support your claim.

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Be smart – hire an attorney

This is a complicated case that requires legal expertise. For that reason, you should hire an experienced attorney to help you with the whole case. The lawyer will collect and compile evidence for you. Additionally, the lawyer will help you make the right decision concerning the case. If the company responsible is willing to negotiate the settlement, the lawyer will represent you in the negotiations. Also if you go to trial, rest assured that the lawyer will win the case.

How much can you claim?

The amount of money you can get paid depends on many factors. It will depend on the severity of the illness, money spent on treatment, pain and suffering caused, and other expenses involved such as transport cost. Also, in case of wrongful death, you can claim compensation for medical bills, lost income, funeral expenses and other expenses involved.

Final Words

Asbestos-related illnesses such as Mesothelioma cause pain, suffering, and treatment is a bit expensive. As a result, you deserve a fair settlement to take care of medical bills, lost income, among other expenses associated with the illness. To help you get a fair settlement, visit The Texas Law Center and you will find the leading law firms with professional attorneys.