How Much Does it Cost to File Taxes with TurboTax


The dreaded task of filing taxes is upon us all.  Especially for young people just getting started, having to budget and try to pay down debt at the same time can be nearly impossible. Many people turn to free online tax programs that they probably won’t use again. In reality, … Read more

Guide to Deciding Between Standard 1040 or 1040EZ

1040 or 1040EZ

More and more people each year are filing their taxes by themselves instead of turning to an accountant. For the average person, it’s less expensive and takes a lot less time. If you find yourself unsure of what filing status to choose on your tax return, consider these top tips … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Solar Tax Credit

Solar Tax Credit

Renewable energy is essential to fight climate change, but it often doesn’t pay for itself on the back of conventional sources. The solar tax credit helps make investing in renewables more cost-effective and open new pathways for green power to reach a larger population. Even though the solar tax credit … Read more

Full Info on How Energy Tax Credits Work

Energy Tax Credits Work

Energy costs can often make up more than a quarter of your monthly utility bill, and that price just keeps going up. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that there are tax credits for the things you’re paying for anyway! Here’s how energy tax credits work, and why it might not … Read more