What to Do to Get Personal Injury Compensation After an Uber Accident

What to Do to Get Personal Injury Compensation After an Uber Accident

March 23, 2023 0 By Maria

Getting involved in a car accident is frustrating, confusing and even chaotic. Car accidents happen all the time, and involves all types of cars, including Uber taxis. If you are involved in an Uber accident, you can get seriously injured, you deserve some compensation to take care of the medical costs. Want to know what to do to get a fair compensation after such an accident? Here is all you need to know and do.

When to file a compensation claim?

First, if you are an Uber passenger and become injured in an accident caused your Uber driver’s negligence, you are entitled to a compensation that covers the cost of your injuries. If the accident was caused by the driver of another car, you will first claim compensation through their insurance provider. If the compensation is not enough, you can get the balance of compensation needed from Uber’s insurance company.

Also, if you are driving comfortably on the road and a careless Uber driver hits your car, you can file for a compensation. You can claim compensation either through Uber’s driver insurance company or Uber’s $1 million liability insurance. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident. In addition to that, if you are walking on a pavement, and Uber car hits you, you can file an Uber accident claim.

What to do to get compensation

  • Seeking treatment is the first thing, when seriously injured

In most cases, Uber accidents don’t come with those serious injuries. However, you never know, accidents vary. If you are seriously injured, cry for help or tell people around you to call for an ambulance to take you to hospital. You need to get out of danger by getting treatment as soon as possible, and then focus on claiming compensation.

  • Collect evidence at the scene of accident if you can

If you want your compensation claim case to be easier, you need to have evidence. You need to take photos at the scene of accident. You can even ask someone to take the photos on your behalf and even capture your injuries. Also, you can ask for eyewitnesses around to give their statements and get their contacts.

  • Hire a professional attorney

Claiming compensation for personal injuries caused by an Uber accident is a complicated process. You can’t do it alone. You need either to seek advice from experienced personal injury attorney or hire a trusted lawyer to help you all the way. Hiring a lawyer is the best option. The lawyer will work on collecting evidence, getting all the medical documents, receipts and other documents you need to win the case. A good attorney will also represent you in the best way possible to see that you get what you deserve for the injuries.

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Final Words

Uber accidents will never end. If you get involved in an Uber accident, either as a passenger, pedestrian or the other driver, you deserve a fair compensation for the injuries caused. At The Law Center Alabama, you will find the best law firms, like Turnbull Law Firm, among others, ready to help you with your Uber accident claim. The law firms have the best attorneys who can help you get a fair settlement after an Uber accident.