TurboTax Free Edition: What You Need to File Tax Returns for Free!

TurboTax Free Edition: What You Need to File Tax Returns for Free!

March 22, 2023 0 By Maria

TurboTax has come to help you prepare and file tax returns easily, accurately and fast. Learn more about TurboTax Free Edition here.

Filing taxes has always been a frustrating and tricky process. But with TurboTax, you will realize how easy and fast tax filing can be. TurboTax is an online tax filing program helping millions of US taxpayers file taxes come every tax season. The program is easy to use and has tax professionals behind the scene to assist you when filing your taxes. The online tax filing software has a free edition. Continue reading to know more about the TurboTax Free Edition.

Why Allow Taxpayers File Taxes for Free?

The company behind the software understands how hard it is to make money and even pay taxes. They also understand how complicated tax filing process can be, making taxpayers even hire tax professionals to help them file the tax returns.  Therefore, the company understands the whole process and wants you to make the most of every dollar you make by offering a free online tax filing service.

Who Qualifies for the TurboTax Free Edition?

The Turbo Tax Free 2021 is here to help tax filers with a taxable income of up to $100,000. Also, you must be claiming standard deduction, not itemized deductions to use the TurboTax Absolute Zero. This means a good population of American taxpayers can enjoy the service. But if you really need to file your taxes and want to take advantage of all the tax credits, exclusions and deductions you qualify for, there are TurboTax editions to help you, but at a small fee.

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TurboTax has another edition to help military and their families– TurboTax Freedom Edition. It is for military personnel with an adjusted gross income of $31,000 or less. Also, qualifying taxpayers must qualify for Earned Income Credit. In addition, if you were on active duty and your AGI was $57,000 or less, you can use this free edition.

Why Choose TurboTax Freedom Edition?

The Turbo Tax free 2021 edition has come to make life easy come tax time. With the TurboTax Freedom Edition, you can file your federal as well as state taxes for free, if you qualify. In addition to that, the software is easy to use ensuring that you file your taxes in minutes. In case you need assistance, the online tax filing program has stand-by tax experts ready to guide you. The software is just what military and their family members need to file their taxes.

Final Words

With the free tax filing service by TurboTax, qualifying millions of tax payers can save some dollars they could have used to move from office to the other or even to hire a tax expert. In addition to that, using the free software edition is straightforward and within minutes, you will be done. Therefore, come 2021 tax season, if you qualify, use the TurboTax Freedom Edition or TurboTax Absolute Zero to file your tax returns for free.