Common, Costly Errors You Should Avoid When Preparing Your Taxes

Common, Costly Errors You Should Avoid When Preparing Your Taxes

April 2, 2023 0 By Maria

Come tax season, you need to do everything right to ensure you don’t have any problem with the tax agency. If you are not careful, you may submit your tax returns late or even submit the wrong figures. This can make your life more difficult as to resolve some of the issues you have to visit IRS offices and to resolve some of the errors can take time. Therefore, you’ve to be careful and take your time to ensure all goes well. Read on to learn common errors you should avoid when preparing your taxes.

Last minute rush

Most tax payers wait for the last few days so that they can prepare and file their tax returns. This last-minute rush can contribute to more complex errors that can turn out to be costly. If you have not gathered all the documents you need to file your returns and come deadline day you still don’t have them, what will happen? You are likely to miss the deadline or file returns wrongly. Also, filing returns under pressure can contribute to spelling and math errors.

Incorrect filing status

You can file your taxes as an individual or jointly as a couple. If you are married, it’s important to do some math to know whether to file your taxes jointly or separately. Most people rush to file separately but end up paying more taxes at the end as a couple. The main aim of doing all the calculations is to save on tax. Use a tax calculator or hire a tax expert to help you know which status will be favorable for you as a couple. Don’t rush, make a decision based on the math if you want to save.

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Calculation mistakes

Preparing tax returns involves a lot of calculations. You need to do calculations of your adjusted taxable income to know if you meet the child tax credit income limit. This will help you know if you qualify for the child tax credit. The same applies to other tax credits you may want to claim. If you do a mistake in those calculations, you may think you qualify for some deductions and credits but in an actual sense, you don’t, or vice versa. To avoid such mistakes, it’s advisable to use credible online tax calculators to minimize the chances of errors.

Figuring deductions or credits

Yes, you want to take advantage of all the deductions and credits you are eligible for. But you have to carefully figure out which credits and deductions you qualify for. For instance, if you want to claim the child tax credit, you must meet the child tax credit income limit. If your income is above the set limit, you don’t qualify. You also need to do the same for other credits and deductions. To make your work easier, just use a tax filing calculator or hire a tax expert to help you know all the deductions and credits you qualify for based on your information, income and other set guidelines.

Submitting unsigned forms

You need to know that an unsigned form is considered invalid. Therefore, you must sign your tax forms before you submit them. Even when you file the tax return online, you will digitally sign the form. However, there are exemptions for the armed forces and taxpayers with power of attorney.

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If you want to file your taxes easily without making any errors, you should prepare your taxes online. Manual filing involves a lot of paperwork and it is easy to make mistakes. Therefore, come tax season, consider the above information, and you will not make costly mistakes.