A Timeshare Attorney Can Help You Avoid Timeshare Disputes

A Timeshare Attorney Can Help You Avoid Timeshare Disputes

August 8, 2023 0 By Maria

Timeshares are becoming more popular and can be a great investment. However, there are some risks that you should be aware of.

If you are having problems with your timeshare, it is important to get legal advice and representation from a professional California timeshare attorney. They can help you avoid costly legal proceedings and ensure that your rights are protected.

Purchase of a timeshare

Buying a timeshare can be a great way to vacation in a certain place for a year or more. But before you make that decision, it’s important to understand how they work.

First, you must decide whether to buy a deeded property or a shared leased ownership interest. Shared leased ownership interests are usually less expensive than deeded property.

Another important consideration is if you will use your timeshare every year or just occasionally. If you plan to use it just once a year, you might want to choose a fixed week option, where the unit is sold for a set date each year.

If you will be using your timeshare regularly, you may consider buying points-based ownership, where the weeks are converted into points that can be used by guests at any of the resorts in the brand’s network.

In either case, the annual maintenance fees can be very costly, especially for deeded owners. Be sure to carefully read the language in your contract to understand how they are determined.

Cancellation of a timeshare

The cancellation of a timeshare is an option that may be available to you if you’ve been misled or mishandled by a resort. You have a right to cancel a timeshare contract in most states, and the laws are designed to protect consumers from being taken advantage of.

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The laws vary from state to state, but a Timeshare attorney california can help you determine your legal rights and options in this situation. They can also help you get your money back if you’re eligible.

Generally, you can cancel your timeshare contract within a period called the rescission period. This is usually a seven-day period, starting with the public report or the execution of the purchase contract, whichever comes later.

The rescission period is meant to give you plenty of time to decide if you’re willing to keep the timeshare and to make sure that it fits your budget. But it can be a tricky process to navigate. You’ll need to prove that you provided the timeshare developer with proper notice of your intention to withdraw from the contract.

Transfer of a timeshare

Timeshares are a type of ownership that provides the perks of owning a vacation property but at a fraction of the cost. Instead of paying for a vacation every year, timeshare owners pay maintenance fees to use their property.

Timeshare owners often find themselves having to transfer their timeshare to a new owner, either as a gift or for a nominal fee. However, transferring a timeshare can be a complicated process and must be completed in compliance with the law of the country or state where the property is located.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the first step is to prepare a sales agreement or earnest money contract that is as detailed as if you were selling your home. This should include the name of the resort, the week(s) and unit number(s), season(s) of the weeks being transferred, who is responsible for past and present maintenance fee payments and special assessments, and whether any spacebanked weeks are included in the sale.

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Disputes with a timeshare

Disputes with a timeshare can be frustrating and difficult to navigate. They can arise because of hidden fees, limited use rights, and other issues with a timeshare contract.

Consumers should take the time to thoroughly review a contract before signing. This will help them understand their legal rights and ensure that they receive a fair resolution in the event of a dispute with the company.

A timeshare attorney can help consumers understand their rights and find a solution to their problem. They can also provide consumers with information about the available resolution paths, such as mediation and arbitration.

Zach Naert, a timeshare attorney at Centerstone Group, regularly consults with purchasers, owners, and people who have inherited timeshares. He has represented hundreds of clients and successfully assisted them in extracting themselves from onerous timeshare contracts.