5 Questions You Need to Answer Before You Proceed with a Personal Injury Claim

5 Questions You Need to Answer Before You Proceed with a Personal Injury Claim

May 9, 2023 Off By Maria

Personal injuries cause pain and suffering. Additionally, if the injuries are serious, they can leave you in financial crisis. You will have to pay for treatment, miss work as you recover, pay for transport to and from the hospital, and take care of other expenses. As a result, you deserve a fair settlement. Here are questions you need to ask before you proceed with a personal injury claim.

Who’s at fault; you or the other party?

This is the most fundamental question you need to answer. If another party, be it your employer or another driver was at fault, you are entitled to a fair compensation. However, if you were on the wrong, your case will be baseless.

Did you seek medical attention?

After getting injured, the first thing you should think about is seeking medical attention. This will not only help you recover fast, but also will play a key role in your personal injury claim. Seeking medical attention will help you have a doctor’s report that will support your injury claim.

Do you have documents to support your compensation claim?

The insurance company or the offending party will have good attorneys to face you either in the negotiation or in court. For that reason, before you proceed with your personal injury claim make sure you have or you will get the documents to support your case. Some of the documents you need are medical report, medical bill, receipts, pays slips for lost wages or lost future earnings, photographs at the scene of accident and other documents to help you get a fair settlement.

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If negotiation doesn’t work, are you ready for trial?

After filing your compensation claim, you should give negotiation a chance if the offending party is willing to negotiate and is genuine. However, if the part is offering a low offer, going to trial is the best option. For that reason, you need to hire the best Dallas personal injury attorney to help you in the legal process. With an attorney, your chances of winning the case will increase, and you are likely to get a fair settlement. The question is; are you ready to face your employer or insurance company in court? With a competent attorney on your side, you have nothing to worry about.

How much compensation can you claim?

You will claim for general damages for personal injuries suffered. This may include medical bills and other expensed you incurred as a result of the accident. Additionally, you can claim for other financial losses such as lost wages, cost of care and assistance, private medical care, loss of future earnings, and travel and accommodation costs caused by the injuries suffered. You need to know what you can claim for and that will help you know an estimate of the settlement you can get if you win the case. A good attorney will help you know what and how much you can claim.

Final Words

To avoid all the stress regarding your personal injury claim, you should hire an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney. The attorney will help you from the start until you get the settlement you deserve. At The Law Center Texas, you can connect with best personal injury attorneys from leading law firms like The Cain Firm in the state. The Attorneys will guide and represent you in the whole process, until you get what you deserve.

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